Get your message across with Seattle’s
master of skywriting -– Jim Montcliff!
Skywriting by SkyNotes! is a very eye catching and unique way to get your message across! Created at an altitude of around 10,000 feet, your message can be seen in all directions for up to 20 miles! Each letter is very large (over four times the height of the Space Needle), and can stay in the sky for 20 minutes or more. Once people see the skywriting in progress, their curiosity ensures they stop and watch it every step of the way.
Welcome to the SkyNotes! website - the home of master skywriter Jim Montcliff.
Jim and his team have over 15 years experience in skywriting, and are regularly spotted high above the Seattle skyline. We create messages for grand openings, product launches, and major sporting events; as well as more personal messages that are perfect for proposals, weddings, birthdays or anniversaries.

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Jim at work!